Welcome to the Bitterroot Valley


My name is Dusty Winslow. The View of the Bitterroot is a collection of articles that tell the stories of the people who live in the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. It talks about the things they do as well as the ideas and current events that are important to them.

If you can imagine when you look at a map that the western edge of the state looks like the profile of a face, then the Bitterroot Valley is the nose.

The Bitterroot River flows out of the Bitterroot National Forest and runs north through the Valley alongside the Bitterroot Mountains. They’re all named after the state flower…you guessed it, the bitterroot.

The Valley is a great place for an outdoor person. There’s fly fishing, hunting, rafting, hiking, and rock climbing. We have deer, elk, moose, turkeys, wolves, mountain lions, chipmunks, bears and trout…lots of trout.

There are plenty of indoor sports as well involving adult beverages, co-ed events, and bodily functions.

The people of the Valley are friendly and hard working folks. They’re proud of their logging and agricultural roots. Most of the logging has been stopped by the courts, so tourism and fly fishing are taking over as the main industries.

So check out my latest article and enjoy the view. If you have any comments, send them to dusty@dustywinslow.com.

Deer In Forest